Michael Blum Successful Investor or King of the Crime?

Michael Blum and P.J. King: Successful Investors or Kings of the Crime?

The DarkNet owners, participants in the illegal sex industry, or business people and victims of a planned scandal? Michael Blum and P.J. King have recently trapped in the spotlight despite the reputation of the power breakers. But what is real and what is false? Social media can either denigrate any person or clear his reputation, and even create an entirely new personality that is barely similar to a real human. Social media has tremendous power that can destroy or create a strong positive reputation for a politician. Unlike national TV channels, social media have more freedom of speech. The flip side to this is the ability to muddy any person.

Thus, there is unconfirmed evidence that both men participated in a crime. According to various rumors, they relate the sexual addictions of the US financial and political head, including the top managers of international corporations. Hidden sources claim that King involved Michael Blum in a criminal scam. But how can they confirm that this is not the other way around since Blum and King are both related to space technologies? Most are sure that they are associated with significant financial fraud and violation of the law. And this is most likely to be the truth. If you study the biography of both men, you will understand that they are not classic Mafiosi, like in old Hollywood films. Sure, they have specific gaps in their bios, but every significant person in the investment business has them.

Michael Blum: Successful Businessman and Space Traveller

Is Michael Blum Successful Investor or King of the Crime?

German Michael Blum was born in Chinese Hong Kong. He has a bachelor’s degree at Yale. The man changed many jobs, including such business giants as PayPal, Ernst & Young and others. Blum’s success at PayPal, an international financial company in the early 2000s, is particularly noteworthy, which became his pass to Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. After that, Blum ruled various companies, and not all of them were successful. But Blum managed to maintain his reputation as a successful businessman and a competent top manager.

In 2005, Blum and his classmate established Falconhenge Partners hedge fund, which was sold soon after setting. For the next three years, Blum and his brother Dirk lived in Macau, China, where they managed an investment fund for the local entertainment business. Macau is considered Asian Los Vegas by the number of casinos and other entertainment venues. In 2013, Blum established a venture fund and a management company for hotels and casinos, where he focused on the gambling business. Apparently, this moment in his biography became a stronghold for his accusers, suspected Blum of criminal schemes.

At the same time, Blum was associated with the Virgin Corporation owner Sir Richard Branson. He interested in personal space and suborbital travels attempted different Virgin Galactic places and joined the Branson team soon. Virgin Galactic (owned by Virgin Group) is the leader in the international space tourism industry. Since 2004, when Branson acquired a package of technologies that formed the basis of the first private rocket plane SpaceShipOne (SS1), created aircraft designer Burt Rutan. Blum began lecturing around the world on space tourism. He developed space projects and even shot a film about space. That moment Blum met P.J. King.

Did P.J. King Involve Blum in The Crime?

King comes from a cattleman’s family of Irish descent. He has a degree in space technologies, having developed his business in science. His successful project Clockworks International provided services to various large companies, including Apple, IBM, Disney, Symantec. After working with them, Clockworks became a confident player in the US IT market, but King soon got rid of his company. Later, King was declared bankrupt, when he and his fellow members of the company’s board were accused of financial fraud.

Then King participated in fund projects, many of which did not succeed. From 2007 to 2015, he was developing his P.J. King Investments Ltd. As Blum, King got into the space travel business when he bought a pass for a space journey in 2004. King was one of the first 100 Virgin’s customers. He continued his work in the space industry despite the crash of spacecraft. On October 31, 2014, the SpaceShipTwo crashed in the Mojave Desert in southern California while testing an updated hybrid engine using a fuel mixture based on polyamide and nitrous oxide pellets. The pilot onboard, Peter Siebold, managed to survive, and his assistant pilot Michael Alsbury died during the crash. Richard Branson stated that the crash would not break plans to organize tourist space flights. Bloom sued the company and received a refund. However, he maintained his allegiance to space and continued his collaboration with Branson and other related companies.

Is Michael Blum Successful Investor or King of the Crime?

From 2001 to 2008, King has been in a spotlight during a scandal with CNG Travel, a hotel booking company. It was headed by King, who owned part of its stocks. He sold it to a private businessman, and the company continued working in the tourism business. The scandal with CNG Travel overlapped with the Blum’s startup in the entertainment business in China. At this time, the initial rumors appeared about the link between King and Blum in organizing a criminal underground. Both were unofficially accused of the illegal entertainment business and drug smuggling into American countries. In 2008, King reduced his activity in the tourism sector, apparently due to the close attention of the government. However, no one has officially confirmed this information.

After starting with blockchains, Blum and King finally gained fame as the rulers of the underworld. Gossips said Blum took part in porno production in the Eastern region and Russia (his wife is Russian by origin). There are also gossips about King, as he launched a virtual map for drug dealers in the United States in Darknet. However, neither Blum nor King was ever involved in any criminal investigation. This confirms these rumors as unbelievable.

Blum and King are hardly the real kings of the crime. Sure, they are connected with financial manipulations, but both of them are clever to adhere to official legislation in business. Two are the best executives in the big industry, making money out of air. The best proof of this is their participation in the Virgin project and their connection with space technologies. The main privilege of Blum and King is their good reputation as successful and competent businessmen. Only their names can engage in multimillion-dollar income. It is possible that the rumors around Blum and King were fabricated by their competitors. Although space tourism does not have much competition, both businessmen have many secret detractors.

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